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Masterpieces Eastern European photography at Photobastei

RossArt gallery presented a unique exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of Eastern Europe. Original prints showcased portraits of well-known political and cultural figures, along with art photography and reports. More than mere photographs, the exhibition served as a time machine and a textbook of history and culture.

Visitors experienced not just photos but a journey through the history of the country and an entire photographic culture, unveiling itself in unique photoprint techniques no longer in use. The exhibition featured exceptional materials, including photographs captured by the best amateur and professional photographers who have since become classics in the World art of photography from the early 20s to the late 90s of the XX century.


Renowned photographers such as Aleksandr Rodchenko, El Lisitskiy, Boris Ignatovich, Georgy Petrusov, Lev Borodulin, Vladimir Vyatkin, Lev Sherstennikov, and many others were represented. The common thread among this diverse array of authors was the highest level of cultural depth, the richness of photo content, photographic quality, and mastery of photographic printing.

Organized by the RossArt gallery, the exhibition took place at the Photobastei exhibition center.

The welcome words and introduction were delivered on October 17 at 19:30.


Address: Photobastei, 8005 Zurich, Sihlquai 125, 3rd floor.

The exhibition ran from October 17 to November 4, with the vernissage held on October 18.

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