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Gourmet Wine Course for beginners


Dipl. Sommelier Armin H. Müller, award winner of "Swiss Sommelier Challenge 2018" will guide you step by step into the World of Wine. This course contains 10 evenings of 2 hours 7pm - 9pm - one evening per month.


It’s an opportunity to learn a lot of new about wine and get answers for different questions: how to taste wine and why, different types of grapes, the best wine regions, wine production secrets... After this tasting you will feel yourself lake a sommelier. And definitely you will try some good wine!


The program (limited to 12 people) will be the following:


Thursday 27.09.18: Introduction, Basics (How to open a bottle, How to taste a wine, sensory profile, wine regions of the world)

Thursday 25.10.18: Introduction South Africa

Tuesday 27.11.18: Introduction Italy, with emphasis on Veneto

Thursday 20.12.18: X-mas party with a professionell blind tasting

Thursday 24.01.19: Introduction Greece, with emphasis on Northern Greece

Thursday 21.02.19: Understand Sparkling Wine (Sekt, Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta and Champagne) and the production methods

Thursday 28.03.19: Introduction Germany, emphasis on Riesling, Pinot Noir

Friday 26.04.19: Introduction Spain

Thursday 23.05.19: Introduction America

Thursday 27.06.19: Review, Party, Professional blind tasting and outlook of the advanced course.


Participation fee (10 lessons):  CHF 790, but until 23.09 only CHF 690

One lesson: CHF 70

Price includes 2 hours lecture, 4-5 wines, water, grissini, snacks (cheese, olives or other).


Contact: Dipl. Sommelier Armin H. Müller,

076 337 77 22

Enjoy great wines and artworks by contemporary artists 

in the heart of Zurich!


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