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Sergey Borisov

Exhibition “Time for changes”


Vernissage 14.03, 18:00-20:00

Exhibition 15-31.03, Wednesday-Saturday 11:00-18:00

8001 Zurich, Marktgasse 9, 2 floor, RossArt gallery.


Sergey Borisov is world famous for his photographs that became symbols of Perestroika. The exhibition is dedicated to Moscow and St. Petersburg underground culture since the 1980s. Sergey Borisov's photographs are sold in different galleries and auctions in Europe, including Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips, and represented at Russian and European museums.


The exposition includes "ideological nude” and street photographs, in which Sergey Borisov's unique photographic language accurately transmits the irony and protest of Perestroika time. Based on these photographs, published in Le Monde, Face, Tempo, Actuel, Interview, and Photo magazines, astonished Europe studied life in a rapidly changing Russia.


A separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to Sergey Borisov's famous studio Studio 50A, one of the epicentres of the Soviet behind-the-scenes intellectual and artsy life in the 1980s. Borisov's studio was often compared to Warhol's Factory, meaning that Studio 50A also attracted informal people as its American equivalent. There were held exhibitions, presentations and meetings of those who remained in the shadow of official culture, and 10 years later became a symbol of the New time.


Sergey Borisov was born in 1947 in Moscow. Since 1977 he has been shooting popular musicians. Having received the Grand Prix in the competition for the design of records, he designed about 70 records for popular musicians at the time. But the main Borisov’s merit is photo chronicle of Moscow and St. Petersburg counterculture. Working with magazines, he introduced the world to punk and underground Soviet culture in the 1980s and 1990s. 

In 1985 he acted himself in the movie "Dancing on the Roof". Since the late 80's he has paid more attention to exhibitions and exclusive projects, less work on orders and in the press. 


Since 1976, Borisov has participated in various exhibitions, which were held not only in his homeland, but also in Paris, Zurich, Berlin, London and many other cities around the world. Here are some of them:


2019 Raw power. Group exhibition. Zurich, Switzerland. Photobastei

2018 Zeitgeist. Plovdiv. Personal exhibition

2018 Zeitgeist. National Gallery. Sofia, Bulgaria. Personal exhibition

2017 Sergey Borisov. Kinotavr Film Festival. Sochi. Personal exhibition

2017 Zeitgeist. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Personal exhibition

2017 Girls Girls Girls! Gallery RuArts. Moscow. Personal exhibition

2016 Against the stream. Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow

2016 Encyclopedia of Photography (1891-1991). VDNKH. Moscow

2016 Evolution of vision. 1991-2016. Central Exhibition Hall Manezh. Moscow

2015 Glastnost and Perestroyka in Moscow. AKKA Zurich Gallery. Personal exhibition

2014 Zero object. Moscow Art Media Museum

2013 Beauty without glamour. State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg

2013 Moscow XX century stories. Part II. Lumière Brothers Center for Photography. Moscow

2012 Icons of the 90s. Loft Project ETAGI. "Fifth Floor”. St. Petersburg

2012 Naked bohemian. Ruarts Gallery. Moscow

2011 Passion Bild. Russische Kunst seit 1970. Kunst Museum. Bern

2011 Icons of the 90s. Lumière Brothers Center for Photography. Moscow

2011 Mikhail Gorbachev. Perestroika. Central Exhibition Hall Manezh. Moscow

2010 La Lecon de l'histoire. Palais de Tokio. Paris. France

2010 Icons 1960-1980. Lumière Brothers Center for Photography. Moscow

2007 People and time. Central Exhibition Hall Manezh. Personal exhibition

2007 Social art. State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow

1999 GOLDEN CANON. State Kremlin Palace. Moscow. First Prize

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