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Artist: Sergey Borisov


USSR, 1989

C-print, 2018

Edition 2/10

The picture was taken for the cover of the Parisian magazine PHOTO. However, the magazine coincided with the arrival of Gorbachev in France. In order not to accidentally upset the President of the USSR, they decided to put the picture inside the magazine, replacing it with another, not so prophetic. However, during the coup in Moscow in 1991, this picture was also published on the cover of the magazine Capital. The picture became a kind of pass to the barricades around the White House in Moscow. Those who wanted to go to the barricades confirmed their loyalty by showing the magazine itself or the torn cover.


  • Framed: matt metal frame in black colour with museum quality glass
  • Photography size: 59.7 x 42 cm
  • Frame size: 60 x 80 x 2 cm
  • Work sold with an invoice from the gallery and a certificate of authenticity
  • Hand-signed by artist

Sergey Borisov. USSR, 2018

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