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Anna Guarino

Photo series ‘Forest motion’


Laminated fine art paper covered by the 3mm acrylic glass on the Dibond base - CHF 500

Alternatively: Digital print on fine art paper, framed - CHF 400

Single edition

40x40 cm


A formal photography degree and 10 years of full dedication
help Anna to realise her photo ideas in different visual ways. She likes to
experiment with camera, modify reality and create unusual from usual.
Her photo series 'Forest motion' is created with ICM ( intentional
camera movement) technique. With this method she creates a purposeful
motion blur by moving the camera during the shot. The strength of
'drawn lines' is dependent on the right lightening, color contrast, how
fast and precise she moves the camera and the right camera settings. The
mix of lines and colors create abstract images that look like paintings.


Anna Guarino is a passionate photographer with a formal degree in
photography and over ten years of full dedication. Her photographs
have been featured in international photo exhibitions, design
magazines, and style publications. Anna’s journey has taken her
through many different genres and styles, always driven by a desire to
explore and experiment.


“I like to make the usual look unusual, to make
each photograph a story in itself.” - Anna Guarino.

Anna Guarino. Photo series ‘Forest motion’

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