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This is an early photograph by Daniel Gendre. In the 70s, he worked in different studios in London assisting masters of that time. On weekends, he was practicing in the studio alone mostly doing stilllives. This photo, taken with a 8x10inch camera, is the result of hours of patient work. In the egg-yellow we can see the reflection of a window, achieved by sticking black tape on the soft main light which reflects on the egg. This photo was used for the cover of a Kodak Film Company annual report , as well as at many exhibitions.


Print size 60 x 88 cm

Picture size 57,5 x 84 cm

Modern fine art print 2020

Numbered 3/5 and 3 AP

Not framed


Selected exhibitions:
2003 Galerie Sarasin, Genf: 50 portraits en noir/blanc
2004 Werkgalerie, Maur ZH: Photographies en noir/blanc
2007 Galerie Last, Zürich: Petites histoires russes
2008 Nationalmuseum für politische Geschichte Russlands, Villa Matilda Felixowna Kschessinskaja, St. Petersburg
2009 Galerie im Höchhuus, Küsnacht: Lipsticks et polachromes
2011 Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne: Présentation publique
2011 Japanische Botschaft, Bern: Tokyo, poésie urbaine
2012 Le Château, Montcherand: Déchets de Vinyle
2015 Japanische Botschaft, Bern: Silent Tokyo (Still lives – Natures mortes)

2020 Photobastei, Zurich" Postkarten - Carte postales", Bilder aus den 70er- und 80er-Jahren


Oeuf cru sur Teflon, 1974

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