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Kostya Koposov


Kostya Koposov, a Ukrainian-born artist and architect residing in Germany, stands as a prominent figure among the first generation of young Ukrainian artists.

Educational Journey:

School of Arts, specializing in violin, 1998-2001.

National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, pursuing Architecture, 2009-2014, under the tutelage of Schpara in his studying studio, leading to both a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

Lviv Polytechnics, specializing in Architecture and Construction, 2013-2014, resulting in a second Master's degree.

Kostya embarked on his artistic path at the age of 16, leaving the High School of Fine Arts to enroll in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev. There, he acquired a profound understanding of composition and a nuanced appreciation for color, elements that would come to define his painting, mirroring the clarity of forms and structures evident in his architectural pursuits. Concurrently, he pursued a second Master's degree in architecture at the National Lviv Polytechnics.

Koposov's artistic journey reached a milestone with his inaugural major retrospective, "Dominance of Volume," hosted at the "365" gallery in Kiev in 2012. This marked a confident stride toward the successful commencement of his artistic career. Subsequently, his exhibitions expanded beyond the borders of Ukraine, becoming integral components of global group exhibitions. Kostya's participation in international and domestic showcases, competitions, and festivals, including those in Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, and St. Petersburg, has earned him acclaim in the realms of conceptual painting, fine arts, and photography. His accolades serve as a testament to the multidimensional excellence that defines Kostya Koposov's artistic endeavors.

Exhibitions (some of):

2018 Group exhibition, RossArt gallery, Zurich

2016 January - New York - Headquarters of the United Nations with support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, exhibition "Ukraine EXISTS"
2016 Februar - New Jersey - Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey, exhibition "Ukraine EXISTS"
2016 Februar - Chicago - Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago, exhibition "Ukraine EXISTS"

2016 Personal exhibition "Ukraine will be", Hotel Fairmont, Kiew, Ukraine

2015  Personal exhibition during Charity Festival "Follow your dream"

2015  Personal exhibition "Music without a sound",  "8bit" Gallery

2015 Personal exhibition of the social project "Ukraine will Be" in international airport "Borspil", Terminal "D"

2015 Personal exhibition of art seria "Sweet Air" and "New Ukrainian Village". Museum of Ukrainian Spiritual Heritage. Project "Ukraine will Be"

2012   Exhibition of landscape artworks “Day and night research”, gallery “365”

2012  "Open air research (Dominance of volume)",  "Balance" 



Ukrainian week of Arts. Two nominations: "Conceptual painting", "Fine Arts in photography" (2009) 

ArtWeek in Germany. Prize winner in nomination "Art" (2011)

ArtWeek in Turkey. Special prize (2011)

Pre-auction exhibitions:

2015 February - Modern ukrainian art, auction house "Dukat"

2015 March - Charity auction "Ukrainian icons, paintings, graphics and contemporary art", auction house "KORNERS"

2014 December - New Years' exhibition, auction house "Golden Section"

Participation in projects:


Ukraine's largest international Art & Literature Festival IV.

Installation «Carpathian Mountains»

Slava Frolova's ART Picnic, exhibition made by founder of "Karas Gallery"



“VIII ART KYIV Contemporary”, Mystetskyi Arsenal, curator project ”We are what our dreams are about”

Slava Frolova's ART Picnic

”GogolFest2013”, author's project “Music without sound”

”8.bit” gallery, exhibition “Psychedelic nonconformity”

"UKRAINIAN AUTUMN WEEKS 2013", Mainstream Girls Gallery, art-festival

Museum of Ukrainian Spiritual Heritage

”Creative space 12”, contest of subject design organized by “SALON” magazine



National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, participating in contest named after Victor Shatalin



St.Petersburg’s Art Week

Bulgarian art week

Art club "44", Ukraine, Kiev

”With the bright colors'' exponated at the building of  National Union of Ukrainian Artists


In cooperation with Slava Frolova Group since 2012:

Mystetskyi Arsenal, ”Book Arsenal”, installation «Carpathian Mountains»

Project ”Civil Mysticism” curated by Sidorenko Andrey

Exhibition “Kilogram/ Power/Meter”, during “SFAP”.

Installation “White Noise”, curated by Yevgen Karas

Exhibition “Three” during “SFAP”. Project “Music without Sound”

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