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Photo vernissage

14th of February, start at 18.00

"Dreams about the sea"

by Alexander Martirosov

RossArt gallery represents photography by Alexander Martirosov dedicated to the sea coast at Forte dei Marmi, Italy. Tender and soft, these photographs will fill your space with harmony and peace.


"The images that we place on the walls, fill every day with special meanings. The same is done by the photographer, constructing the plot where there seems to be none. Compositions that cause admiration are often caught in a place that thousands of people ignore. In this sense, the gift of the photographer is in the discovery of hidden directions for the view, in visualizing higher concepts through everyday sketches, in purifying objects and nature from the accretions created by habit", the artist says.


Discovering the new reality in art, we continue our life as seekers in the search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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