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Alex Martin


Alex Martin worked on projects in Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa and India. His works are placed in private collections worldwide. A member of FIAP, he participated at international photographic competitions, including The Color Awards, The Hasselblad Masters Award and competitions under the aegis of FIAP in France, Vietnam and Norway. Alex Martin lives and works in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.

"Photography is a way of looking at the world and making important discoveries. 

As Time persists on weaving minutes into hours, centuries and eons, we realise the fleeting character of our earthly sojourn, which makes us value all the more those precious moments where we see routine things acquire a special meaning. These are the moments that allow us to feel the Spirit of Time itself. The changing of the seasons, the Sun travelling across the sky, the eternal play of light and shade - all these things reveal the wisdom of the Creator and the incredible mystery of Life. 


What I'm trying to do is to accomplish the thing above using black-and-white photography. Reducing your palette to just two colours helps you to get rid of unnecessary details and complex plots, only focusing on the essentials. As the poet Apollinaire said, 'Shadow is the ink that sun writes in'. Black-and-white photography allows you to capture the subtle way of incomprehensible phenomena on the surface of familiar objects. It reveals the secrets of the world and the beauty of its high purpose", says the photographer.

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