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Aleksandr Riabenkii

Exhibition “The way of one heart. From Pacific to Atlantic ocean”


Aleksandr Riabenkii is a finalist of contests: National Geographic Russia, Russian Geographical Society, The Golden Turtle wildlife festival, Global Arctic Awards, 35Awards and a winner of the contests: Nikon Russia, Photosight Russian Awards, Trienberg Super Circuit.


At the exhibition 25 works are presented made by the artist in the period from 2011 to 2016. Geography of images: Russia, Georgia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain. Nature conditions: from stifling heat to absolutely freezing cold, from the sea level to the attitude  of 5033 meters above the sea, from calm and peaceful moments to roaring storms. Something extraordinary - that is what he is personally passionate about. Although, he can find beauty in simple things as well.

The artist keeps looking for new adventures, he continues travelling and capturing amazing moments in our world. The collection of his works contains lots of images. This exhibition presents only a small part of them which aimed to introduce you a contemporary art of the Russian photographer Aleksander Riabenkii. 

Aleksandr says: "I'm inspired by Beauty. When you understand it can be found everywhere, the world will never be the same. Beauty is revealed anywhere, anytime and in any ways - just look around and be attentive. And push the button - why not!"


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