Aleksandr Riabenkii

The finalist of contests: National Geographic Russia, Russian Geographical Society, The Golden Turtle wildlife festival, Global Arctic Awards, 35Awards.


The winner of the contests: Nikon Russia, Photosight Russian Awards, Trienberg Super Circuit.


Was born in 1979 in the Far East of Russia. In his childhood he spent a lot of time in solitude, in the countryside, in nature. At that time his heart had fallen in love with painting and photography, and he started to practice a lot in it. In 1996 he entered the Far Eastern Federal University and started working on television. In 2002 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism. In 2005 he moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Here he returned to the active passion for photography, began to shoot the city landscape, architecture. In 2015 he left journalism as a senior editor of the state TV channel “Russia”. From this moment to the present days he is an artist, who is mainly engaged in photography. He became interested in the natural landscape, began to travel. 

Now he is co-founder and co-author of two creative projects related directly to the photo.


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