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Aleksandr Riabenkii


A distinguished photographer, Aleksandr Riabenkii has left an indelible mark on prestigious contests, having been named a finalist in competitions such as National Geographic, Geographical Society, The Golden Turtle Wildlife Festival, Global Arctic Awards, and 35Awards. His achievements extend beyond recognition, with wins in contests like Nikon, Photosight Awards, and the Trienberg Super Circuit.

Born in 1979, Riabenkii's early years were steeped in solitude amidst the rural landscapes of his childhood. It was during this time that his heart became enamored with both painting and photography, prompting him to immerse himself in these artistic pursuits. His journey continued at the Far Eastern Federal University, where he delved into journalism, concurrently initiating his career in television. Graduating in 2002, Riabenkii's professional path eventually led him to Saint Petersburg in 2005.

Returning to his fervor for photography, he shifted his focus towards capturing the city's landscapes and architecture. In 2015, he departed from journalism, concluding his tenure as a senior editor at a state TV channel. Since then, Riabenkii has fully embraced his identity as an artist, predominantly dedicated to the realm of photography. His passion expanded to encompass natural landscapes, propelling him into a globetrotting journey as an independent photojournalist and photographer, a pursuit he actively continues to the present day.


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