Svetlana  Puricel (Miniati), RossArt founder & manager

RossArt gallery – art and events in the heart of Zurich


RossArt was opened in September 2018 in the heart Zurich old town by founder and manager Svetlana Puricel (Miniati). 


Art, culture, friendship and exchange

RossArt hosts art exhibitions, wine tastings and courses, culture and language exchange evenings and professional seminars. It is not only a classical art gallery, but also a cultural space for people from all over the world, who are interested in art and networking.


“Cultural exchange is very important in our contemporary world, where people, especially expats even living in big cities, are very separated and often lonely,” said Svetlana. “I just want art to be a bridge between people. That is why I focus on positive art only. RossArt was created to be a cultural space that connects people. It is about getting together, finding friends and common ground. Our doors are always opened for everybody who supports ideas of cultural exchange, professional and friendly meetings!”

Historical and contemporary photography

RossArt has a unique, but not exclusive focus on Russian and Eastern European artists. It features both historical and contemporary photography from artists like Russian Constructivism founder Alexander Rodchenko, photojournalists Dmitri Baltermants and Evgeniy Khaldei, American visual artist Man Ray, legendary Russian photographer Sergei Borisov or famous Swiss photographer Monique Jacot. On 29th of August 2019 RossArt gallery hosted the exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson photography.

Wine is bottled Art

Visitors can also taste a glass of RossArt labelled Swiss-made wine (white, rose and red) from the award-winning winemaker Philippe Varone from Sion, Wallis, at exclusive events.

"Dear guests and friends, welcome to the art gallery in Zürich, dedicated to art collectors from all over the World!

True to my origin, I will focus, but not only, on presenting artists with Russian and Eastern European origins. Slavic artists have always played a major role in art world, just to name a few: Malevich, Rothko, Nicolas de Stael, Kandinsky, Jawlensky, Chagall and many others... Even though national origins in today’s Art World can be quite surprising. For example, did you know that the one of the most famous French photographer Man Ray exhibited here was born Radnitsky in Philadelphia, USA?

I was born in Saint-Petersburg, studied Biology, Design and Photography, and was always fascinated by art and art dealing. For years I have visited galleries, museums and major art events all over Europe and in USA. I settled in Zürich two years ago and am now very proud to open my art gallery at Marktgasse. By the way, it is close to where Vladimir Lenin lived a century ago (1916-1917) at Spiegelgasse, 14 with his wife Nadejda Krupskaia. I have read that when he had some free time, Lenin and his wife would walk to the Zürichberg, lay in the grass and eat Swiss chocolate. The Cabaret Voltaire where the Dada movement was founded was just next door to Lenin’s home. Lenin’s historians are still debating whether he was a Dadaist! Rossart is also quite close to the Fraumünster and Chagall’s beautiful stained glass windows.


What I would like this gallery to be: a permanent dialog between the new and the past. 


My task at RossArt will be to convince you of that, to help you find the pictures and photographs you like. My ambition is that you all become enthusiastic art collectors and thus make your life more enjoyable. 

“Art doesn’t just capture and convey the excitement, the thrill of life. Sometimes, it does even more: it IS that thrill” (Julian Barnes, "Keeping an Eye Open"). 

Man does not consist of water, man consists of desire... Desire for life!

At RossArt gallery I am happy and proud to present Art as different expressions of life".


Svetlana Puricel (Miniati)

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