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RossArt is a cultural center, art gallery and event space in Zurich.


Since 2018, we have conducted over 180 art exhibitions and cultural events.

RossArt is an active participant of contemporary art scene. We organise international exhibitions and promote artists and cultural projects. Gallery ownes a sophisticated collection of photography masterpieces by legendary photographers as well as young, emerging talents.

In Swiss German, the term 'Ross' means 'a horse', symbolizing courage and freedom. At RossArt, we interpret art as a free and open dialogue that transcends cultural and disciplinary boundaries.

Passion for art is a boundless, transformative force that transcends the boundaries of medium and style. Art becomes a language that speaks directly to the soul, becoming a bridge between cultures and generations.

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At exclusive events visitors are invited to taste RossArt labelled Swiss wines produced at Sion, Valais (Petite Arvine, Cornalin, Pino Noir & Merlot, as well as White, Rosé and Red blends) from the world-famous environmental-friendly winemaker Philippe Varone / Le Cellieres de Sion.

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