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Contemporary art and photography

exhibitions and art shows, cultural and educational exclusive events

with a focus on sustainability

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Svetlana  Puricel, founder and owner

RossArt is a cultural center, art gallery and event space.

RossArt bridges the gap between the public and academia, inspiring for sustainable and healthy future. Through art, it opens people’s hearts and minds towards prosperity of our planet.

The gallery provides the space for artists and projects, which contribute to the United Nations Global Goals. RossArt organises art events and educational activities. It provides a platform for communication between people, engaging them with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Global Goals.

RossArt is an active participant of contemporary art scene - we organise international exhibitions and promote artists and cultural projects. Gallery ownes the sophisticated collection of photography masterpieces by legendary photographers as well as young, emerging talents.

In Swiss German, 'Ross' means a horse, a symbol of courage and freedom. This is how we understand art - an open and bold dialogue between cultures and disciplines.

At exclusive events visitors can also taste RossArt labelled Swiss wines produced at Sion, Valais (Petite Arvine, Cornalin, Pino Noir & Merlot, as well as White, Rosé and Red blends) from the world-famous environmental-friendly winemaker Philippe Varone / Le Cellieres de Sion.

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